Skillshare is an online learning portal for people who want to learn new skills or improve existing ones, regardless of the subject matter. The content grows daily, with over 27,000 classes currently offered.

Skillshare offers over 2,000 free classes and gives full members unlimited access to paid classes for a fee.

A huge benefit of a paid membership is the in-depth workshops offered on many topics, along with group discussions with the instructor and participants. Post your projects, and share different ideas and experiences; Skillshare is a perfect place to connect with like-minded people.

Workshops often last for a few weeks and are perfect for students who are interested in a more intense learning experience and want to get more feedback from teachers.

Because the world changes at a rapid pace, some Skillshare classes may be outdated, and not all content will appeal to your style of learning. Make sure to check the reviews from other members and the date when the class was added.

The goal of Skillshare is to deliver quality information from people in the field who teach skills applicable to real-world situations. Classes are structured so they won't take much time. They are broken up into sections so that you can watch each individually when you have time, and pick up the rest later.

The company often offers free trial memberships, so you can try out the full curriculum to see if you want to become one. Full member. If you forget to cancel the free trial you will get charged a monthly or yearly fee. So if you are not planning to continue using the service, cancel your subscription before the trial ends.

Skillshare courses are not accredited and you won't get any certificate at the end. But - you will get something better: skills that can be applied in real life.

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