How To Sell Digital Information Products

Do you have a passion or expertise for something that you would love to share and make some money in the process?

Consider creating Digital Information Products that can be sold on FB, Shopify, Amazon, Udemy and multiple other locations – depending on your target audience. Monetize your knowledge by helping others in your selected niche.

Now, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. It will take research, marketing savvy and most importantly, should fulfill a need of your intended audience – providing value by solving a problem they currently have. Your content should guide them to a solution.

If you scroll through Facebook, you see tons of DIY and How-to videos. All of these are popular because people love to learn tips and tricks to make their life better and easier. Cooking videos with step-by-step video instructions turn everyday people into a chef. Repurposing videos showing how to recycle junk into useful products make you feel like you are helping the planet while creating something new. People aren’t just asking for information anymore, they want “hacks” and guidance to make their lives better.

What niche can YOU fill? A great place to start is with your own interests. Try to match a profitable business with your passion. Search online for thriving markets – there is a ready and willing market for what you want to sell. Humans follow trends and fads…so that’s likely where the money is, until the next trend comes along.

Doing your research should give you a good idea of the sales potential for your chosen topic. Dog Obedience? Yoga? Nutrition? Pottery? Gardening?

What exactly Are Digital Information Products?

Now that you have determined your topic, you can produce any sort of digital piece you want, for as many platforms as your target market is at. Your offer could come in the form of a video, an ebook, an audio recording, a webinar, or a monthly membership website. The content, whatever the format, should be useful – A how-to guide, strategies, or tips, provide something your customer NEEDS.

The best part is: that they are inexpensive to create – using only your time and ideas. This means that if the product doesn’t take off, you aren’t out a large sum of money. If creating the actual format worries you – Outsource! Hire someone to white label the content for you, or buy pre-produced products that you can private label.

MARKETING your offer

Of course, you will want to get your offer in front of your target market, right? So you can start with inexpensive FB ads, directed towards those people who have already expressed an interest in the type of product you are selling. Entice them with a giveaway…a free gift in exchange for their email address.

Perhaps a condensed .pdf version of what you are selling. Whet their appetite to learn more, build their trust by offering more value in each message, and then up-sell using an email marketing campaign series. Email marketing is a virtually free method to reach your market.

Get started

  • Choose your topic and research, research, research. Become the expert
  • Decide on your format and where you want to market
  • Make the magic happen: write your book, record your audio or make a video about your topic
  • Advertise and build your targeted email list – Go for the No
  • Sell, sell, sell!

If all of that sounds like too much to start with, you might consider becoming an affiliate for others who have already created their offers and are killing it!

Check out the Passion to Paycheck offer from Jay Shetty to see how it’s done!

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