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Do you have great typing skills, an affinity for computer programs, and can sit in place and concentrate for extended periods of time? You may want to consider freelance Data Entry.

Many businesses need people to simply enter or transfer different types of data into their various systems. Data that might be used to track inventory, shipments, billing, personal records, measure performance or output, or simply for required storage.

Data entry jobs usually consist of receiving data via paper or computer – and transferring it into either a standardized form, document or spreadsheet. Having fast and accurate typing skills is a definite plus, as time is usually of the essence in entry projects. If your skills are rusty, Keybr is an online tool to practice your typing and increase your speed.

Many data entry jobs can be done remotely and on a flexible schedule. As a freelancer, you will need to have an up-to-date computer set up to accept jobs. A dual screen would be a huge advantage, but not necessary. Two monitors side by side can be a huge time saver, allowing you to more easily transfer information from one document to another. Data entry work is often paid by the piece, so you’ll want to utilize the tools that help you work quickly.

You can create accounts on bid sites offering your services. Sites like this often pay little, as clients go there to bid on jobs, and many accounts will work for ridiculously cheap rates to gain business. However, often once you do quality work with a client a couple of times they will keep you and pay your asking rate.

Amazon MTurk




Some companies specifically hire for remote data entry jobs in one format or another. Some will require you to train onsite before cutting you loose to work from home. Others may require proof of your words-per-minute (wpm) via typing test. Listed are a sampling of companies with current listings.

Cass Information Systems

The Smart Crowd

Dion Data

Xerox data entry jobs

Data entry opportunities are also sometimes available on job boards. Listings change often, so check back regularly, or set up email notifications.

If working remotely and being able to be accurate over long periods of time is your thing, then this might be a great way to make side cash. Don’t expect that data entry will make you a lot of money, but a few hundred dollars a month might be worth the time spent.

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