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Did you know? You can become a translator without a degree or ever studying translation. The most important requirement for translators is fluency in at least 2 languages.

Specific jobs and certain types of translation, such as sworn translation, may require a Bachelor’s degree. There are also specific training and certifications available that can make getting and doing the job much easier. If you want to work as a translator in the US, you might consider becoming ATA certified. This is a highly regarded credential that can improve your chances of finding higher-paying translation jobs.

If you have a degree or experience in a specialized field, This could be a great way to stand out. As an expert in your field already, it can give you an advantage over a generalized translator.

A high number of translators are freelancers who work remotely. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a good, full-time translator job can earn you upwards of $90k.

You can start finding jobs for freelance translators on sites such as or

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