Are you maximizing your tax deductions?

Do you own your own business? Work doing things for other businesses as a 1099 freelance or project-based worker? Then there are literally hundreds of easy-to-miss write-offs available for you at tax time.

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans are now reporting 1099 income each year, and a huge majority do not know what write-offs they are entitled to. And most independents can’t employ a full-time tax attorney or accountant to help them navigate tax law.

Luckily now there is somewhere to turn. will track your expenses and tell you which are deductions. Keep track of easy-to-miss tax write-offs, such as gas (business transportation), phone bills (business communication), rent (if you work from home), and even things like Spotify (for rideshare drivers) and toilet paper (if you work from home)!

Another benefit of Keeper Tax is that they have an affiliate program you can sign up for. Affiliates can earn payouts when they sign up others to use the paid service. So you can use the system to save on your taxes and earn money by helping others save as well.

How does it work?

Set up your credit cards and bank accounts within your account. Scan your cash receipts into the Keeper Tax system. It will automatically monitor your purchases for write-offs you might have missed. You will be assigned to a bookkeeper who monitors your purchases throughout the year. You'll get texts with simple questions.

Keeper Tax also has a tax filing service. All of your tax savings from throughout the year are seamlessly incorporated to your return. However, you can also export a spreadsheet and file elsewhere.

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